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Episode #8


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Andrei Antal, founder and organizer of ngBucharest Meetup, and one of the JSLeague trainers, talking about:

  • How Andrei started coding and why he is so fond of Angular
  • How AngularJS started, a short history of Angular
  • Where is Angular today in the JS frameworks landscape
  • The new Angular 8 release and upgrading to it
  • The Angular CLI and it's awesome features
  • What is actually new in Angular 8
  • What is the Ivy compiler and it's powers
  • What is next for Angular
  • Interesting projects and libraries developed with Angular
  • What is Andrei excited about in the JS world
  • The next ngBucharest Meetup
  • Angular vs. React vs. Vue ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


JSCamp Bucharest 2019 - 24th of September

Our friends from tim.js, the JS community from Timisoara are organizing a JS conference on the 3-4th of October, donโ€™t make plans, CFP open: revo.js

Interview Question of Ep.#8

In which order will the lifecycle hooks of a component fire when the component is created.

Solutions for Ep.#7 ๐Ÿ‘‰ here

Next Guest

Alexandra Anghel - the second developer female guest, co-founder and CTO Morphl, entrepreneur and Program Director of STEPFWD, the first Romanian pre-accelerator program for teams that have at least a female co-founder.

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As always you can send us questions for our guests, answers to the Interview Question and general feedback and suggestions at show [at] jsleague [dot] ro

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