31.05.2019 • 40:12 min

Episode #7


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Silvia Stegaru, the first girl guest of our podcast and the co-founder of Codette, talking about:

  • How Silvia started her career in computer science
  • How Codette started and its focus as an NGO
  • Which are the most known Codette projects
  • Why is supporting diversity important in the computer science domain
  • What is her advice regarding girls that want to start a career in computer science
  • What are some common misconceptions regarding women in programming
  • If there is a problem in Romania regarding women in CS
  • The reason behind opening Codette workshops to boys also
  • Future plans for Codette
  • The one piece of advice she would give to her past self


Angular 8 Released πŸŽ‰

JSCamp Bucharest 2019 - 24th of September

Our friends from tim.js, the JS community from Timisoara are organizing a JS conference on the 3-4th of October, don’t make plans, CFP open: revo.js

Interview Question of Ep.#7

Given n numbers in an array, find the greatest common denominator between them.

Solutions for Ep.#6 πŸ‘‰ here

Next Guest

Our next guest is Andrei Antal - Angular Developer, consultant & trainer, founder and organizer of ngBucharest Meetup. He will tell us more about the Angular 8 release, cool conferences and his future plans for the ng meetup.

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As always you can send us questions for our guests, answers to the Interview Question and general feedback and suggestions at show [at] jsleague [dot] ro

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