03.05.2019 • 1h 17 min

Episode #5


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Show Notes

In this episode we have our guest, Adrian Oprea, front-end developer and The Web App Sommelier, talking about:

  • His background, how is it to be a freelancer
  • His most interesting projects
  • His most frequent problems with his clients
  • The reason why he is an active developer on social media and Quora
  • His new cool project for remote work, WeRemote
  • The target audience for this new jobs website and future plans
  • The next BucharestJS presentation

Adrian's job website

You can find Adrian's awesome website: WeRemote


Our friends from tim.js, the JS community from Timisoara are organizing a JS conference on the 3-4th of October, don’t make plans, CFP open: revo.js

Interview Question of Ep #5

Given an array of integers in which two elements appear exactly once and all others elements appear exactly twice, find the two elements that appear only once.

Next Guest

Our next guest is Andrei Antal - Angular Developer, consultant & trainer, founder and organizer of ngBucharest Meetup. He will tell us more about the Angular world, cool conferences and his future plans for the ng meetup.

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As always you can send us questions for our guests, answers to the Interview Question and general feedback and suggestions at show [at] jsleague [dot] ro

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