19.04.2019 • 1h 06 min

Episode #4


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Show Notes

In this episode we have our guest, Mihai Craciun πŸŽ…, technology entrepreneur and front-end developer talking about:

  • His life story and how he started a digital agency
  • How is the agency life from clients to teams, developers, growth
  • Interesting and cool prejects they worked on
  • How is it to be an entrepreneur in Romania, tips and tricks for people that start their own business
  • The Wordpress Themes market, the launch of a new project and his own Wordpress theme Alimo
  • The switch between an agency business owner and a front-end developer, services vs. product
  • Doing services vs. building a product
  • Future plans to take over the world

Alimo Wordpress Theme

You can find Mihai's really nice crafted wp theme here


Our friends from tim.js, the JS community from Timisoara are organizing a JS conference on the 3-4th of October, don’t make plans, CFP open: revo.js

Our hosts Diana and Mihail were at the Forbes Gala, where Diana was awarded for being Forbes 30 Under 30, yay πŸŽ‰

Interview Question of Ep #4

Given a binary tree where all nodes are either 0 or 1, prune the tree so that subtrees containing all 0s are removed.

Next Guest

Our next guest is Adrian Oprea - The Web App Sommelier. He will tell us about his life as a tech freelancer, how is it to be a tech influencer on social media and his new awesome project.

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