22.03.2019 • 46:48 min

Episode #2


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Show Notes

In this episode we have our second guest, Florin Otto, VP of Product @ Modex. Some of the subjects we’ve discussed are:

  • What is Modex and how did it all started
  • Modex products and the blockchain infrastructure
  • What are DApps, Smart contracts, Solidity
  • How are dapps different from other applications and how can JS developers can make DApps
  • Blockchain as a trend or a mass adopted technology
  • The vibe regarding Blockchain technologies in Romania
  • The Solidity and ReactJS upcoming workshop on the 2 nd-4 thof April
  • Modex plans for the BucharestJS community as the main sponsor
  • Future plans for Modex

We’ve also partnered with JSHeroes for one free ticket for the best answer to the Interview Question below.

The winners for the conferences tickets are:

  • Florin Bargan - VoxxedDays Front-End
  • Constantin Câmpean - A day with Vitaly Friedman

All received solution for the previous Interview Question can be found here

Interview Question of Ep.#2

Make a JS function that verifies if a string is a palindrome (if it is identical when reversed)

Next Guest

Our next guest is Eduard Budacu, co-founder Dovelopers, and we’ll be talking to him about Agile & Scrum methodologies, dev environment, tech teams & the results of their Agile survey.

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