14.08.2020 • 1h 05 min

Episode #18


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Florin Pop, Front-End Developer, JS enthusiast, blogger and content creator, talking about:

  • How Florin started a career as a front-end developer
  • How he started posting and making a career from being a content creator on social media
  • How hard was for him to make recurrent technical content in time spent creating and responding to all messages he gets
  • How does he pick his topics for the YT tutorials and live streaming sessions and which of them are the most popular
  • His personal coding challenges and THE $200 CHALLENGE
  • How hard was it for him to build his Road to Glory
  • What should our listeners that are interested in making online content should know beforehand from his experiences
  • What are the Good parts vs. Not so good parts of having such a big social media presence
  • If making social media content is a full time job and if you can make a living out of it
  • His advice for all Front-End devs that want to be like him when they grow up
  • His future plans and projects
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Question of Ep.#18

What content creators do you follow on social media ?

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