31.01.2020 • 31:26 min

Episode #15


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Claudia Ifrim, Software Developer @EOS Code Lab & PhD @Politehnica University, talking about:

  • How Claudia started a career as a programmer
  • The reason behind her decision to follow a PhD
  • Her experience as a teacher in a University and how students acquire new technologies
  • How did she start the Drupal Bucharest community along with Alex Badiu
  • What kind of projects she has developed and the tech stack used
  • How does she see the evolution of front-end technologies as a full stack developer and what should we expect in the future
  • What is GIS and what is its applicability in development
  • Her experience as the new JSLeague trainer and how her first workshop Intro to Docker will be
  • Her future plans and projects as a software developer


JSLeague new workshops:

Intro to Docker

1st of February 2020

Testing Angular Apps with Cypress and Jest

22nd of February 2020

Interview Question of Ep.#15

Given a binary tree, return the level of the tree with the minimum sum.

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Alexandru Badiu, Software Engineer @BEN

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