13.12.2019 • 57 min

Episode #14


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Bogdan Raduta, Applications Cluster Manager at RINF TECH, software engineer and Angular Bucharest co-founder, talking about:

  • How Bogdan started a career as a programmer
  • His experience as a technical lead and awesome projects he worked on all these years
  • Why did he changed paths from being CTO @Qualitance to working at Rinf Tech
  • What is ENSO Foundation and how did it all start
  • His involvement in Bucharest School of AI
  • What type of cool projects is he developing at Rinf Tech
  • How is it being involved in the developer community in Bucharest
  • His future plans as a developer and manager


We have ended 2019 being the developer community in Bucharest with most events: we organized 13 community workshops, 1 JSHacks hackathon and 1 JSQuiz, so we have this nice thing going on for us.

We are preparing for an awesome 2020 year of workshops and events and we have already have decided the first 3 community workshops, so stay tuned!

Interview Question of Ep.#14

What would you like to listen next year at JSLeague Show, either subjects or awesome people you would like to hear.

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Claudia Ifrim, software engineer and the new JSLeague trainer 🎉

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