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Episode #13


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Alex Moldovan, software engineer and JSHeroes organizer, talking about:

  • How Alex started a career as a programmer
  • How he got involved into Cluj JS community - Cluj JavaScripters
  • His role at TeleportHQ and the products they are developing
  • How is it to organize JSHeroes, the first JS conference in Romania
  • JSHeroes 2019 had an emphasis on mental health and why did they address such an uncommon topic
  • The plans for JSHeroes 2020
  • Why does he think that we should talk more about optimization, accessibility and user centered design as web developers
  • His opinion on different JS technologies and how dev communities are disscussing on social media
  • Edgy technologies he has been working with
  • Future plans as a developer


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Interview Question of Ep.#13

Given a clock time in hh:mm format, determine, to the nearest degree, the angle between the hour and the minute hands.

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Bogdan Raduta, Applications Cluster Manager at RINF TECH and Angular Bucharest co-founder.

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