09.08.2019 • 55 min

Episode #12


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Sabin Marcu, React developer and JSLeague trainer, talking about:

  • How Sabin started a career as a programmer
  • His experience studying CS at Southampton University
  • His role in the tech society he founded
  • His entrepreneurial experience as the CEO of a tech startup
  • Cool technologies he worked with
  • Awesome projects he developes
  • React cool features
  • Why any developer should use React in his/her project
  • Edgy new technologies: yay or nay
  • His rant about Vue.js
  • Future plans and his career as a front-end developer


JSLeague new workshops:

JS Beyond the Basics - 14th of September

ES6 Fundamentals - 21st of September

TypeScript Fundamental - 28th of September

JS Conferences:

JSCamp Bucharest 2019 - 24th of September

JSConf Budapest 2019 - 26-27th of September - JSLEAGUE19 discount code for the community

revo.js - 3-4th of October

Interview Question of Ep.#12

Given a string with repeated characters, rearrange the string so that no two adjacent characters are the same. If this is not possible, return None.
For example, given "aaabbc", you could return "ababac". Given "aaab", return None.

Solutions for Ep.#11 👉 here

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Alex Moldovan, software engineer and JSHeroes organizer

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