26.07.2019 • 53 min

Episode #11


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Ives van Hoorne, ambitious developer and founder CodeSandbox, talking about:

  • How Ives started a career as a programmer
  • His career path and the intership at Facebook
  • How he got the idea of CodeSandbox
  • The tech stack behind CodeSandbox
  • With the recent investment, the plans for expanding CodeSandbox
  • How did he meet with Bogdan, our Vue.js trainer at JSLeague
  • Future plans for CodeSandbox and for himself as a developer
  • How did he end up in Southeast Asia backpacking
  • The transition between being a developer to product team lead
  • How is it to be a frequent speaker to international conferences
  • How hard is it to have a remote team
  • Where can people find him and CodeSandbox


JSLeague new workshops:

JS Beyond the Basics - 14th of September

ES6 Fundamentals - 21st of September

TypeScript Fundamental - 28th of September

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JSCamp Bucharest 2019 - 24th of September

JSConf Budapest 2019 - 26-27th of September - JSLEAGUE19 discount code for the community

revo.js - 3-4th of October

Interview Question of Ep.#11

Write a function that finds the n-th number of the Fibonacci code.

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