12.07.2019 • 1h 05 min

Episode #10


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Show Notes

In this episode we have Florin Oancea, front-end developer, community member, our biggest fan and a JS enthusiast talking about:

  • How Florin started a career as a programmer
  • What advice he has for people that start learning programming
  • His personal project called js101 and where can we find it
  • His opinion about Mihail’s interview questions about weird algorithms
  • Some questions for Mihail & Diana 👇
    1. This edition is the tenth edition of JSLeague podcast, back then when you have recorded the first edition did you expect to reach this number? What are your plans for the next episodes? I believe this year is fully booked.
    2. What about the JSLeague mission “to take developers from good to great”? How many devs have reached your goal?
    3. Do you have plans to expand your area of expertise, I mean to add new technologies or to remove other workshops?
  • Surprise 🙈


JSCamp Bucharest 2019 - 24th of September

JSConf Budapest 2019 - 26-27th of September - JSLEAGUE19 discount code for the community

revo.js - 3-4th of October

Interview Question of Ep.#10

Write a function that takes a string as a parameter and finds the character that only appears once in that string

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Ives van Hoorne - co-founder CodeSandbox

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