8.03.2019 • 43:14 min

Episode #1


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Show Notes

In this episode we have our first guest, Ciprian Borodescu, CEO of MorphL and organizer of BucharestJS. Some of the subjects we’re going to talk to him about are:

  • What is BucharestJS and how did it start
  • The idea behind JSHacks and how the first Javascript focused hackathon in Romania came about
  • The inspiration behind the search for 100 JS Leaders in Romania and how that is going along
  • Is Ciprian going to leave BucharestJS to focus on other projects?
  • What MorphL is and what problems it’s trying to solve
  • Building strong teams of software engineers in general and Machine Learning engineers in particular
  • Finding the necessary skill set for Machine Learning and tips about learning ML and AI
  • The team behind MorphL and some funny stories involving them
  • Future plans for MorphL

WildCodeSchool, a software engineering training based in France, is opening shop in Bucharest and they are offering 3 full scholarships for women to their web developer courses. You can find more information and apply to the program here

We’ve also partnered with VoxxedDays Bucharest and JSHeroes for one free ticket to each conference for the best answer to the Interview Question below.

Interview Question of Ep.#1

Given two arrays with positive integers, and one variable that contains another positive integer, find the values in each array that add up to the variable.

Next Guest

Our next guest is going to be Florin Otto, VP of Product from Modex, and we’ll be talking to him about building blockchain products, their development platform and IDE and all the cool stuff they do.

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As always you can send us questions for Florin, answers to the Interview Question and general feedback and suggestions at show [at] jsleague [dot] ro

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