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Intro to Angular & Node.js
Students Workshop

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Course details

5-6th of September


2 days


10 am - 5 pm


Online using Zoom


Ana & Cosmin



Max participants






Probably you already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but as walking gets you from point A to point B and we still prefer to use the car, so a framework can change the way you code. During a weekend you will learn how to build a website faster and better using Angular and Express.js.

This event is a non-profit community workshop organized in partnership with our friends from Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics UniBuc.

Many thanks to our awesome partners for this event: Luxoft Romania, Creative-Tim & Bookster

Who is it for ?

This training is only available for students that are enrolled either at a Bachelor or Masters Degree at any University on this Earth, that want to deep dive into two of the most used JavaScript frameworks: Angular and Node.js.

Technical requirements

  • 70%
  • 60%


Day 1 - Angular

  • Intro in Angular with TypeScript
  • Creating projects with the Angular CLI
  • Basic project structure
  • Creating and styling components
  • Grouping code with NgModules
  • Basic user interaction with forms
  • Sharing data with services
  • Moving between pages with the Router
  • Component communication with Inputs and Outputs
  • Server communication with the HttpModule

Day 2 - Node.js

  • Installing Node.js and NPM
  • Running and debugging a Node.js app
  • The node modules system
  • Command-line arguments and environment variables
  • Working with the file system
  • Streams
  • Asynchronicity
  • Creating child process
  • Basic HTTP operations


  • Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Zoom Application (download here)
  • Text editor: Visual Studio Code (download here)


Ana Petrescu

Ana is a System Engineer at Systematic. She teaches HTML, CSS and JavaScript at the University of Bucharest. On her list of favorite things are cookies 🍪, Angular and convincing people that there are such things as good puns.

Cosmin Dimisca

Cosmin is a Software Engineer at 1&1 Internet Development and the living proof that someone with a Java background can also understand how JavaScript works 🙃. Besides his passion for coding, he likes to play video games, football and driving.

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