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Advanced Angular:
State Management with NgRx

This event has passed,
was awesome tho!

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Course description

  • State management is one of most important topics in frontend development today. Maintaining an understandable and traceable flow of data within our applications is crucial both for performance and code usability. For this, the Angular team has decided to embrace unidirectional data flow and make it central in the way we architect our apps and organize our components.
  • This workshop will take you on a journey to understand the Redux principles of state management and how we can use NgRx with the power of Observables and Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) to control data as it flows through our Angular application.
  • Introduction to Reactive programming
  • Observables and the RxJS library
  • Reactive patterns for Angular apps
  • The redux pattern for state management
  • Reactive State management with NgRx
  • Actions, Reducers, Selectors, Effects

Technical requirements

  • 95%
    Beginner Angular
  • 90%
  • 90%
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