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Why This Bootcamp

Your company's interns need as much as support and training they can get. They need to be introduced to your awesome projects, your development cycle and your technology stack. JSLeague is here to assist you on a technical level throughout this process.


How Does It Work

Based on your company's needs, we provide the curricula, the technology stack and exercises.

During the 1-2 weeks of the Bootcamp we develop the technical skills of your students, teach them best practices and assist them as they develop an end-to-end product.

Students are split into teams and learn how to work in sprints with Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Finally, we assess students' knowledge and their strenghts, helping them advance their careers as developers.



Custom curricula

Our Bootcamp curricula and exercises are custom made for your company's technical needs.

Costs savings

Rather than organizing in-house training, your company will have fresh trained students, saving time and money.

Happy devs

Investment in education and keepeking knowledge up-to-date makes developers happy and productive.

Ready to code

After our Bootcamp, your students will be ready to develop and deploy your company's applications.


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